The Process

See How We Work?

Initial Meeting

We start work by determining the basic flow of the project and understanding your thoughts and what are the outcomes you need from it. We conceptualize with you and we start the excursion together.

Concept Development

Defining the scope of the project is a vital step to be followed . By well defined venture scope plan that traces specific activities and deliverable, along with specific timelines, you will have the option to clearly set expectations for your business clients.

Visual Design

The organization’s brand plays an important role in this part of the process, as designers will want to visually convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design.

Project Development

Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to design out the pages, develop new content and refine old content, make web recordings, slideshows, videos and other media that will show up on the website as well as begin to work out the HTML and CSS of the web page.


In the testing stage, we look into on different programs (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and various gadgets (workstations, tablets, and portable) to check whether and where breaks happen.

Project Launch

Now, it’s the time to launch the product in the real world for everyone. We’ve tested the site, had it reviewed and approved by the project stakeholders, and you’re ready to launch. But once the site is launched, the project isn’t over — you should be prepared to address feedback from users adapting to the new site.


Updating content, making changes to the backend and fixing broken links are all in a day’s work. We are always in the line to help you fix the problem of the product. We hold your hand all way to the end.