1. Mobile Apps

Over the past 10 years, the number of smartphones used has exceeded 2.5 billion. Every year, consumers spend $380 billion on new devices. Each device has applications that simplify our life: a calculator, an instant messenger, or apps for calling a taxi or delivering food.

A mobile app itself is application software developed for smartphones or tablets with various operating systems: iOS and Android .

In most cases, it requires access to the Internet if it is connected to remote resources.

  • For marketing

Any company has clients and partners with whom it is necessary to establish feedback. Find out the needs of your audience by turning them into users of the company’s mobile application. Even simple promotional apps can competently advertise new products. 

  • Development trends

Before you start developing an application for mobile devices, ask yourself several questions. What are the aims of your app? 

What is the target audience of your app? What functions should it have? If it is difficult to choose, the simplest solution is to see what trends have formed in the development market. In 2019–2020 the following applications are in demand: