Online web marketing ( Digital Marketing )
Online marketing refers to a web-based campaign (for example, buying those banners at the top of web pages or ads that get inserted inside YouTube videos). Also unique to online advertising is the trend toward content-based advertising, where the ad itself is entertaining and informative, and not purely a sales pitch.

  • Facebook marketing. Buying a Facebook “sponsored story” ad is highly effective because when someone — say “xxx” — “likes” your page, his or her network of friends will see your ad appear. Facebook “page ads” are less personal but have a wider reach because you determine the demographic and geographic that should see your ad.
  • YouTube marketing. YouTube also offers many ways advertisers can reach a targeted demographic. You can either purchase an in-video ad that plays before a video starts or as a little pop-up during the video, or you can pay to promote your own video by purchasing keywords (words that people might enter into a search field to find your company, product, or service).
  • Mobile SMS and device marketing. SMS marketing is best in our country. Lots fof people have mobile phone and we can send the offers, service info, and other marketing message (SMS) regarding our product and make people know about our company.
  • Search engine marketing. Most people find new websites by using a search engine such as Google. When you type a term in the Search field of one of these sites, up comes a listing of sites that match your key words and phrases.
  • E-mail marketing. Depending on your customer demographic, e-mail marketing may or may not be an effective tool. When you register at a website and give them your e-mail address, unless you specifically uncheck all the hidden boxes, expect to be bombarded with daily or weekly e-mails. If you do decide on an e-mail campaign, your e-mails must contain a link that the customer can use to unsubscribe.