Passport Entry

  • In passport entry the details of candidate is recorded like  passport number, name , date of birth, passport issue date, candidate personal details , name of kin and the name of refer is recorded. In our system when basic information is recorded and additional details like education qualification, training, language and  other  document can also be added. This system also shows the total number of passport entry in today and various months with the help of bar chart. It also shows the total number of male, female and third gender candidate in the bar chat with index.


Demand Details

  • It means the Information about the demand company of the various foreign countries. Company demand for the different post as per their requirement. It shows the details like company name, country, city, company address, company type, Contact number, contact person, contact email, company website, registration number, status, vacancy, preauthorized date, lot number and so on.

Visa Details

  • After passed in medical details candidates  are process for the visa shows the visa processing, visa received, visa expiry and visa cancel details of the candidates and also calling visa and stamping visa processing for Malaysia or only stamping visa  processing for  Saudi Arabia.  It shows the visa expiry date and days remaining of the visa expire in Dashboard.

Saudi Pasport Authorization

  • In case of Saudi the  passport  should be taken to  Dhaka where passport stamping is done. then after receiving visa  and  further process is conducted in our country.

Recruitment Process and Medical Details

  • Recruitment Process

    Recruitment process deals with how to recruit the employees for foreign jobs and how to process recruit employees for their related jobs. In our software it starts with candidate entry and end with document processing or guest interview based those result further processing is to be done or not will be decided. Recruitment is done the basis of demand of the company.






    Medical Details

    Medical details provide the health status of candidate which help to know that candidate is capable to travel foreign country or not. Our system also shows the remaining days  of  medical  result to expire and sends  the message to the candidate.  

Flight Information


    When candidates are passed in every process like Interview, medical, visa process , labor process and orientation process thenafter flight Information is need for the candidates  flight process. It shows the candidates passport id, password no., company name, agent name, flight date,time,flight name and also remaining date of the flight  expiry list in dashboard  which makes easier for the manpower staff  for candidates alert.

Deployed Informantion

  • Deployed information provides the information about the candidate is gone to their job for foreign country or not. Our system provide the candidate name, passport number, ppid, refer name, category, flight date, visa date, departure date and arrival date. it also provide the total number of deployed candidate list which is also shown in dashboard.

Passport Tracking

  • Passport tracking means the tacking the details of candidate by the help of passport number,pp id and mofa number. It shows the processing status of the particular passport number. Our system shows on which level a particular passport is reached.

Labour Details


     In labour section government provides the authority number for the every persons flying for the foreign employment. Until the approvement of the labour section, a candidate are not allowed to fly. Those candidate who has canceled the visa at the last moment, will leave a vacant seat on the demand section, thus for those cancelled candidate the reallocation initiates other candidate who want to apply for the same position as a replacement.

Insurance Details

  • Insurance Information provides the Insurance details of the candidate. In this system the candidate should be insured in the company which is legally valid through the government. Some of function like  insurance company name, maturity period, contact, nominee name and other necessary information should entry.


Orientation Details

  • In this process the candidate should compulsory attained in, it shows the orientation company name, location ,date of the orientation  and  name of the instructor who provide general information  about the country,   culture,  language, working condition and other important information for the candidate benefit.


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