• E-PRIMA SMS (www.smsprima.com) is Leading Bulk SMS Provider in Nepal since 10 years. SMS was the most widely used data application. The term "SMS" is used for both the user activity and all types of short text messaging in many parts of the world. Inquiry is a type of SMS sent from a subscriber to an application and sent from an application to a subscriber. It is commonly used by school colleges, Co-operatives, airlines, hotel booking sites, social networks, and other organizations sending SMS from their systems to their customers.

    SMS Inquiry (Keyword): When the subscribers types Keyword and send SMS to 4546, the subscriber will be replied back immediately. E.g.: ePRIMA to 4546 will reply the subscriber the information details of E-PRIMA Technology.

    Sub Keyword: The Sub keyword can be made as per your requirement. A particular company can hold any number of Sub keywords according to the need of the company like: Company Offer, Events, Products, Branches, location, wise information etc.

    Bulk SMS (Push) Service:  Push messages are those messages which are sent by company to their client. This service is used to send any information, alert message, and advertisement or to convey any message to the client. Research has shown that most text messages are read within the five minutes of their receipt. So to make sure people read your message, Push Message is the best option.


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