Professional IT Training for non IT Professionals !!

  • An increasing part of our everyday life involves computer-related topics. With the penetration of technology, the daily use of specific PC applications (Windows, MS Office, web browsers, email clients) has become essential. We use telecommunications and information technology tools to display shared content (emails, files, content stored on remote servers) more and more frequently. Many people learn how to manage systems autodidactically, while others need assistance at various levels of their use of computer tools.
    The training presents the information technology background of the current system to homogenous groups within the company, including information on the basics, an introduction to currently used platforms, operating and software systems, and the options and limits of the system.
    The training helps non-IT leaders or employees of the same professional field get more information, understand the operation of systems, achieve a higher level of independence, and improve their professional relationship with the IT experts of the company.


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